Open for business 

The day has finally arrived for our grand opening! We are so happy this day has come and are so appreciative of the opportunity we have been given to start this business. All items are currently live and ready for purchase. In the short time of owning this business and getting everything ready we have had some major learning experiences and we will continue to have those. After all that’s what life is right? One big learning experience. So please if you encounter something that we can improve on or have any questions please leave a comment below or email us. We strive to offer the best online shopping experience possible for our customers so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Happy shopping! 


One thought on “Open for business 

  1. I ordered two items online: a tote bag and a bag with pockets. Super fast delivery time, it arrived in less than a week! All I can say is “Wow!” – BOTH exceeded my expectations!! The quality is amazing and there’s “no faux” here – REAL leather accents and the canvas/denim fabric is super thick/heavy and will surely last a LONG time! Very impressed! (<-Review posted on Sweetwater Market Facebook)

    Wonderful! Wouldn't change a thing!

    THANK-YOU SO MUCH for Clayton's Magic Spice Mix AND the recipe!
    My adorable "NOEL" ornament is on the tree – love it! xoxo Paula

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